Ouch Pouches

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Ouch Pouches have been popular with show dancers for years.

Perfect for show dancers, dancers suffering from sore toes or dancers who practice intensively.

They are made from a thin layer of gel inside a fabric pouch. Cushioning covers the ball of the foot as well as the toes.

The gel products are made of a non-silicone polymer, formulated with medical grade mineral oils U.S.P. to cushion and protect those areas of the foot prone to friction trauma.

The fabric pads are washable, reusable and can be cut to size if necessary.

Ouch pouches are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and dermatology tested.

Reversible toe pad

Hand wash with mild detergent & allow to air dry completely

Available in Small, Medium & Large

Please note that the packaging for the Medium size will state "Ouch Pouch Jr - Large" but it is a Medium size in the packet