Ezeefit Blister Booties

Ezeefit Blister Booties

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The ultimate blister solution!
- Acts like a second skin
- Creates friction barrier
- Great performance wet or dry
- Washable and reusable
- Wear barefoot or inside of socks
- Sold in pairs

You will be sent tan or black colour depending on what's in stock. Wash after each use.

Ultrathin is the best choice when no additional padding is necessary.
Made of custom stretch Lycra® with a memory core.
Approximately one millimeter thick. Takes up minimal space in footwear.
Simply pull on and go!   Ultrathin - 5 sizes available in tan

Provides light padding and forms to foot after wearing.
Soft micro-fiber lining grips skin.
Fills gaps in loose footwear, but is remains unnoticeable.
Simply pull on and go!


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